Easy Way Convert SQL Query to Laravel Builder Using Orator

For Laravel novices / as a new programmer to convert raw SQL queries into object builders, it may be a little difficult to understand. With the help of orator, you can make it quickly. Orator is a website service created by Maurice Calhoun. Follow this short tutorial

To access the orator service, please visit the midnightcowboycoder.com address. We can enter the SQL query in the box provided and click the Convert button (Try a lightweight query syntax first).

How To Convert Mysql Raw To Object Builder In Laravel.png Min

Next, we will give a syntax that matches the SQL query in the form of writing the Laravel Builder object.

Easy Way Convert SQL Query To Laravel Builder Using Orator.png Min


1. Useful for Laravel / ORM starters
2. If the MySQL query is too complex an error occurs in the case that I experienced.
3. use “backtick” (`) instead of regular quotes (‘), so we need to change them manually.

Update : the domain was removed, sory 🙂

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  1. I think domain was removed .

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