Easy Get XML Amazon API Data with My Amazon_Class

Hello guys, if my last article is about Easy Get ASIN with My Amazon Asin Grabber Class, today i will share my amazon_api class. In the past I’ve ever shared like How to Grab Amazon XML and Post to Your Blog / Site and Script to Scraping Amazon Product in PHP with Amazon API , but today i will share and show you how to grab amazon xml data with more easy way.

Easy Get XML Amazon API Data with My Amazon_Class

Lets begin tutorial how to use my amazon class to get data from amazon xml api

1. You need to download simple_html_dom.php here
2. Download my amazon_class.php here
3. Password amazon_class.rar -> seegatesite.com
4. Put simple_html_dom.php in the same folder with my amazon_class.php
5. How to use amazon api class, consider the example below. Create php file as index.php in the same folder with amazon_class.php

6. For imagesets , i use commas to separates images url. To get all of image like example bellow

Its easy right? if you have any question about XML Amazon API Data with My Amazon_Class you can ask me by comment 🙂

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  1. Sorry i can’t download your amazon_class.php from the provided link. Can you provide any other please?
    Thanks in advance !

  2. Hello,
    I am new to php and am trying to figure this script out…
    Can you please provide the index.php and js codes that will make it all work?
    You can send it to my email or provide a download
    Thanks for teaching this type of coding!

    • Helo dave,
      its very easy to use, use just need use variable from my example to your site, in my case, i didnt use wordpress to create amazon site.
      like this one example, if you need to show brand product, you just need use $brand at your div or span.

  3. how to get Product Description amazon product? I think not found in your script. please help.

  4. how to get amazon search by keyword?

    • Change param in my class with the code below

      ‘Operation’ =>’ItemSearch’ ,
      ‘SearchIndex’ =>’All’,
      ‘Keywords’ => $keyword,
      ‘AssociateTag’ => $this->tag_id,
      ‘ResponseGroup’ =>’Large’ ,

  5. hi, this class is amazing,i just need to know how can i use it to get the deal details using the deal ID,thanks

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