Easy Build Your Anti Copy Paste Plugin

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share easy build anti copy paste plugin by your self. One of the biggest challenges for Bloggers is the plagiarism problem. Plagiarism is intellectual property rights theft such as content. Content theft is very detrimental to the authors, because the content thieves never include the article source or site. And even so bad, their article get better rank in search engine machine than the original author. Content theft is not only articles, but also including media theft that I have discussed on How to Automatically Add Watermark Images In WordPress and A Quick Way to Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images

Copy paste activities in the blogging world increasingly rampant, many new bloggers who don’t understand about ethics in a blog world. They only pursue profits from advertising. So that anti copy paste plugin is very enthused and necessary to avoid the content theft. But not all people supports the anti copy paste script, because there are some advantages and disadvantages of techniques anti copy paste , so everything returned to their personal respective .

Tutorial build anti copy paste plugin to your wordpress site

1. Please create new folder in your plugin directory and give name anti-copy-paste
2. Create new javascript file as anti-copy-paste.js and copy this following script below

and save it on your anti-copy-paste folder.

2. Create new php file as anti-copy-paste.php and copy this script below

3. Compress your anti-copy-paste folder to zip file and upload to your plugin menu.

4. Voila, your article has been protected 🙂

Besides being used as an anti copy and paste, the script above will also disable right-click on your site. Plugin above is simple and lightweight, If you don’t want to build anti copy paste itself, there are some anti copy paste plugin that I recommend like WP-CopyProtect and WP Content Copy Protection.

WP-CopyProtect plugin

Protect Your Content With Anti Copy Paste Plugin Wp Copy Protect

Wp Copy Protect Anti Copy Paste Plugin Settings

To keep your blog page can’t be blocked, please check the ‘disable text selection’, then save.

Then, if you also want to disable the right-click, you just check the ‘disable right mouse click’ and fill in the empty box under the text to give a alert when there is a right-click on your blog.

WP Content Copy Protection Plugin.

How To Install Wp Content Copy Protection Plugin For Anti Copy Paste Blogging

The advantages of WP Content Copy Protection plugin is script will run even if javascript is disabled.

Conclusion :

Anti copy paste script or plugin isn’t the best solution to avoid the content theft, in addition to having the advantages that our content secure from plagiarism, its makes visitors reluctant to visit our blog and will increase the bounce rate our website.

Thus article about easy build your anti copy paste plugin, hope useful 🙂

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