Easiest Way To Get High PR Backlinks ( PR9,PR8 and PR7)

how to get high pr backlink

Easiest way to get high PR backlink ( PR9,PR8 and PR7) . To high your rank in Google Search, we need get backlinks from reputed websites which are having a high Google pagerank. A high PR9,PR8 and PR7 backlinks helps and boost your organic traffic and ranking in Google. Why must google rank? Google is The most preferred search engine in the world.

To get backlinks from high PR websites like adobe.com, wordpress.org, apple.com, etc is not difficult, maybe you should be a little careful to get it.

 Step by step get high pr backlink 


About.me is a simple online service acquired by AOL and serves like an E-Business card, allowing you to include your biography, personal pictures, personal website, and connect your personal and business website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and Google Plus. About.me has PR7 and 1192 rank of alexa.

Follow this step below to get PR7 backlinks from about.me

1. Register to about.me
high pr backlink from about.me

2. Fill and finish Step 2 registration

high pr9 backlink from about.me step2

3. Go to Edit Page

high pr backlink from about.me step 3

4. Click Biography tab and fill your site link in Biography box

high pr backlink from about.me step 4

5. Click tab links and input your domain name.

high pr 9 backlink from about.me step 6

high pr backlink from about.me step 5

Finish! you got high pr backlink from about.me 🙂


WordPress is open source blogging/CMS software that powers 22 per cent of the web, including this one. The software is a community-driven project and WordPress.org is where you can download the WordPress installation files, and search for and download free themes and plugins. WordPress.org has PR9 and ranks 64 in Alexa.

1. Registration here https://wordpress.org/support/register.php and finish your registration process.

2. After finishing your registration, open profile page from this url : https://profiles.wordpress.org/[your-user-name].

get backlink high pr 9 from wordpress.org

3. Fill your website url 🙂

get backlink high pr 9 from wordpress.org step 2

get backlink high pr 9 from wordpress.org step 3

Done! You got high pr backlink from wordpress.org 🙂


Drupal.org is the home of the Drupal project. In addition to keeping track of all the Drupal code and contributed projects, Drupal.org publishes news, organization information, training resources, case studies and community spotlights. Drupal.org has PR9 and ranks 1032 of Alexa.

1. Registration new account here https://www.drupal.org/user/register.

2. After succesfully registration , go to here https://groups.drupal.org/user

3. Click edit and click personal tab

get backlink high pr from drupal.org

get backlink high pr from drupal.org step 2

Simple and easy, now you got high pr backlink from drupal.org


Apple.com is officially site for apple product. Apple.com is learn about Apple products, view online manuals, get the latest downloads, and more. Connect with other Apple users, or get service, support, and professional advice from Apple. Apple.com has PR9 and ranks 44 of Alexa rank.

1. Registration to https://appleid.apple.com/

get pr9 backlink from apple.com  step1

2. After you succesfully registraton, go https://discussions.apple.com/ and then create your Username

3. Edit profile, and write your url to homepage textbox and save

get pr9 backlink from apple.com  step2

get pr9 backlink from apple.com  step 3

Free to get high pr backlink from apple.com 🙂


Flickris a popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other’s photos. Flickr.com has PR9 and ranks 104 of alexa.

1. Registration to flickr.com

2. Go to photostream menu

get free high pr backlink from flickr 3

3. Click “Edit your profile information”

get free high pr backlink from flickr 4

4. Type your url at “Describe Yourself…” box with syntax.

get free high pr backlink from flickr

5. Click save and watch, you get high pr backlink from flickr.com.

get free high pr backlink from flickr step2

Getting backlinks from sites with high pagerank is very easy, I will discuss more ways to get high pr backlinks in a future article 🙂


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