Determining Niche Blog Is Like Choosing A Girlfriend ? Let’s Prove It

Maybe the title of this article is a bit controversial, but I will try to prove it. Determining a niche site is an easy matter, the problem is the niche you choose whether the right and increase your passive income?. As I said, building a blog is like saving for the future. With a blog, you can save time. Even a right choice for your future.

The right niche always supports a successful blogger. Just as you choose a spouse, whether your partner can provide support for you or even destroy your life. Let’s prove it.

Determining a niche require research and calculations that you should test carefully. Or you will fail in the future. I’m not trying to scare you; I’m here to share how to determine the right niche to increase your passive income.

Some days I like to make an article about how to get passive income through the blog. Unwittingly since 2014 this blog stands, I receive more by writing about programming tutorials. For that I think what I’ve shared can be useful for other and in addition to the hobby, indirectly I get additional income from blogging.

The beginning I started a blog just wanted to share with the readers. That is a wrong thought, and I never calculate the cost I spend to buy the domain, hosting, time and knowledge that I share. How long do I need to create a tutorial that I can commercialize? Apply your business soul into a blog. So we conclude the blog = business.

Okay, I will prove how to determine a niche like choosing a girlfriend.

How To Determine Niche Sites

1. Choose a niche that you aim at.

Like selecting a future girlfriend, do you like a western, an Asian, or a tribe with you. Like me, I choose niche programming with English. I realize that I am not good to speak or writing in English (This is one of the biggest obstacles in English blog). But don’t worry We have google translate to do that. I say to you, English is an international language. You not only compete in one of your countries but all the countries in the world. But sites with English have more passive income. Read: Check It Now Before Joining, Is Your Niche’s Blog Eligible For Google Adsense Product?

For example, we choose a niche about men’s fashion. In particular, I choose “pomade tips” as a keyword.

This is a very fun and dizzying part when determining a niche. With the help of Google External Keyword Tool, we can find local and global search volumes to determine the keywords we are targeting.

I use the following options to search for keyword ideas

Google Keyword Planner Best Setting To Determine Your Niche Ideas

After you download the CVS file from Google AdWords, then sort the data based on the “Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)“. Find Avg. Monthly Searches between 100 – 1K.

Once we sorted, some keywords are suitable and can be used as a long tail domain as the following figure that I give a yellow color.

Determine Niche By Selecting Keyword Between 100 1K By Avg. Monthly Searches (exact Match Only)

Okay after you select a few candidates of your girlfriend, the next step approached by checking whether the candidates are difficult or easy to get. Similar to niche, the level of competition determines your success gain the passive income.

2. Check your competitors

To test the keyword, please go to (If you are targeting keywords for your country, use google with your country domain, for example, I choose Indonesian keywords, I use

Then use Moz addon in your browser. Mozbar addon is used to check the level of competition and your competitors rank. If using Chrome, please download mozbar addon for chrome

Login to your Moz account (do sign up if you don’t have a Moz account).

We have four pieces of keywords that we will choose: whats pomade, pomade haircut, pomade style, pomade review.

1. whats pomade.

Whats Pomade Targeted Keyword For Determine Best Niche

The result is little search rate and competition at low-medium level. Perhaps you can save this keyword in your niche list.

2. pomade haircut.

Determine Niche Ideas For Pomade

The search rate is more than the “whats pomade” keyword and the competition at the medium level. You can save this keyword in your niche list.

3. pomade style.

Pomade Style Niche Ideas

High-level competition and your competitors have PA and DA that is hard to beat. I don’t like this keyword. But if you can compete with them, you will receive a mountain of gold.

4. pomade review.

Pomade Review Targeted Niche

Level keyword search more than the “whats pomade” or the “pomade haircut” keyword and the competition in the low-medium level. You can save this keyword in your niche list.

The parable is “Are you sure to compete with Justin Bieber to get Selena Gomez’s heart?“. Seeing your competition and your competitors are important research. Some questions you need to answer before deciding:

  1. How much capital do you have to compete?
  2. Are you an expert on the niche?
  3. Does Adsense favor the niche?

3. Make a decision or find another.

Based on keyword testing and search results above, what niche ideas do you take? Okay, if in my opinion will take niche “whats pomade“. In addition to the low level of competition, has a good brand.

Once you’ve decided on a niche, choose a domain that matches that niche, or you can use that keyword as the domain name “”. Check availability domain in Namecheap.

Once the domain is registered, and your theme is installed please create content, create links and start your niche marketing list.

Similar to “If you get a good girlfriend, then she will make your life better than yesterday”.

So my statement Determining Niche Blog Is Like Choosing A Girlfriend Has Been Proven. 🙂

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