Customize Javascript Alert With SweetAlert Plugin – How to quickly customize javascript alert with plugin. Javascript presence caused many positif changes in the web programming world. Javascript make web applications become more interactive and enhance the appearance. Alert function defaults on javascript less than satisfactory, it give a minus value on website.

Javascript alert is something important, which can be used to display messages to the user interactively. So if alerts on our application is still use a classic view, can affect the overall user experience of the application.

Then, how to beautify the javascript alert?

There are many ways to replace the standard javascript alert. We can make our own popup menu from scratch, or use modal dialog from bootstrap framework, and etc. However, on this occasion, we will use SweetAlert Plugin, the javascript alert problems can be resolved easily.

SweetAlert plugin review

SweetAlert was created by Tristan Edwards. With a bit of coding we can replace the standard javascript alert function with a better view. Here is the default view of sweetalert

Customize Javascript Alert With Sweetalert Plugin

How to use SweetAlert Plugin

We don’t need to perform the complex configuration to use sweetalert plugin. Please download the SweetAlert plugin here . Put on sweetalert plugin to your web application, then replace the basic functions javascript alert() by calling Swal() function. Default swal script :

swal("Good job!", "You clicked the button!", "success")

In addition to replacing the javascript alert function, sweetalert plugin can also replace the confirm and prompt function in javascript. as shown below

Customize Javascript Alert And Confirm With Sweetalert Plugin

Customize Javascript Alert And Prompt With Sweetalert Plugin

There are many other advantages of sweetalert that I have not discussed such as combining with ajax, create your own sweetalert themes and many more. Please you learn on the sweet alert official website here.

Hopefully this article helps you to be more creative to create interactive web applications.

Thus article about Customize Javascript Alert With SweetAlert Plugin.

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