Custom Headphone Cables Inspiration

If you are a headphone collector, of course, Have a desire to replace custom headphone cables. Many types of special headphone cables can be an inspiration for you before buy them. Check out my reviews below:

Changing the headphone cable has several purposes, among others, to improve the audio sound, make the display cooler or even just follow the latest trends. But don’t let your choice make your headphones uncomfortable to use.

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Here are custom headphone cables that can be an inspiration to you before buy it

# Trebuchet Headphones Cable for Oppo PM, HifiMan HE, Senn HD700

Oppo HifiMan HD700 Custom Headphone Cables By

This cool headphone cable is priced at $185. Casual color alloy is perfect for young people. Trebuchet Custom Headphone Cable has a dual 2.5mm TS connector that is compatible with headphones of the following types:

  • Hifiman HE-X
  • Hifiman HE1000
  • Hifiman HE560 (ver baru)
  • Hifiman HE400S (baru ver.)
  • Hifiman HE400i (new ver.)
  • Oppo PM-1
  • Oppo PM-2
  • Sennheiser HD700

This headphone cable is very flexible, can be used in various activities. In addition, the custom headphone cable has an optimal number of strands that provide beautiful detail and neutrality. In addition to headphones can be used as home audio cables and portable cables.

You can directly visit the official website of a custom headphone cable seller at

# Custom cable made by

Custom Heaphone Cables From Mimic

The cables made by are one of my favorite cable stores. The price of custom cable headphones over priced at $70. Custom headset cable will be made when you order the goods. These cables include premium class, made with the best materials, in addition you can choose the colors and patterns that you like. Cable headset is specially hand made, so there is no other store that sells custom cable like the picture above except imitation shop. Description of the cable headphone as follows:

  • Tinned bare end
  • 6.25 mm (1/4″)
  • 3.5 mm (1/8″)
  • UE/JH Audio/Westone
  • Sennheiser HD 580/600/650/700/800
  • Shure
  • XLR
  • Mini XLR

# Custom cables made for Sennheiser HD700 headphone using Canare L-4E5C

Custom Headphone Cables Made For Sennheiser HD700 Headphone Using Canare L 4E5C

Custom headphone cables have an elegant and exclusive design. You can bring this cable home for $ 80. This modified cable is made by PermanentHeadDamage a member of the forum located in Singapore. You can do some modifications like the type of connector for headphones, some cable options and connectors for source equipment. Custom headphone model above is very suitable for formal activities.

Expensive? If you say expensive, then you are not a good lover of audio and headphones. The above, three cables include custom headphone cable with premium class, so the details of sound, bass strength, canceling noise are noticed by the manufacturer.

Another case if we just want to buy a custom cable to follow the trend or fashion. Some of the following pictures can be a picture for those of you who are looking for custom headphone cables at low prices.

List of custom headphone cables at low prices.

# Black Replacement Cable For Sennheiser

Custom headphone cables for Black Replacement Cable For Sennheiser Ebay

Black Replacement Cable For Sennheiser HD414 HD430 HD650 HD600 HD580 headphones. This custom cable priced at $ 15. Please visit the website for product details.

# OFC Replacement Upgrade Cable

OFC Replacement Upgrade Cable

This beautiful headphone cable priced at $12.30 via the eBay site. This cable is suitable for AKG Q701, K702, K267, K712, Reloop RHP20 headphones.

# Replacement Headphone Cable For Audio Technica

Custom Headphone Cables For Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable For Audio Technica

Custom cable headphone priced at $ 13.80 through eBay site. This cable headphone is devoted to Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, ATH-M40x Headphone.

# Custom Headphone Cable Cord Wire Lead for Shure

Custom Headphone Cable Cord Wire Lead For Shure

This Cable Replacement for Shure SE535 SE215 SE846 UE900 Headphones. The price of this cable is quite low: $ 14.29 through site.

And many more custom headphone cable middle class down which can be a reference for you before buy it. For more information and details, please visit the site

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The price will determine the quality of cable and voice. For premium class with high price no doubt the quality and audio details. Similarly, custom headphone cables articles may be an inspiration and reference for you.

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