Custom Avatar in Fancier Author Box Free

Those of you who use Fancier Author Box, to change your avatar with your own pictures or photos, can be modify from Fancier Author Box plugin.

Author Box is a container towards the bottom of your posts that gives several biographical info on you. It really like having an About Us Page on every post or page you distribute on your website.

How to Custom Avatar in Fancier Author Box Free

Many people are wondering how can i show my photos to the author box without changing the avatar on the discussion setting. Yes, i just make a few changes to fancier author box plugin. Okay lets begin

1. Install Fancier Author Box Plugin here

2. Upload your photos or image from Media >> Add New and get the image url

change avatar fancier author box free

3. Edit ts-fab-construct-tabs.php (your plugin folder >> fancier-author-box >> includes >> ts-fab-construct-tabs.php) with notepad.

image on fancier author box free

4. Search the code below

In line 21 and 195.

change author box image with your photos

5. Change these code with your image url

change author box image with your photos 2

6. Save your file and check it 🙂

Using the author box makes it easy for readers to know who the owner of the website and make your website more valuable in the eyes of Google, especially if you put your own picture on the author box. Read my other plugin article here

Update : Read my new article about Create WordPress Author Box With Bootstrap Tutorial

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  1. You suggest to hack the core of the plugin. Do I have to make this change after every Fancier Author Box update?

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