Create Simple Progress Bar for Fake Online Generator with Jquery

Progress bar generator is usually used to create fake online generator. Many of the CPA players using a fake generator to increase their income. In fake generator, cool progress bar is used to trick the user into the process seemed to be really real. Yet it was all beautiful game from a progress bar of jquery and javascript.

how to create free online generator

Here I will give an example of making a simple progress bar, such as the online website fake generator. My article was not to drop them who play CPA using a fake generator, but only as learning how to make fake generator progress bar to make it look authentic.

Watch my simple demo

 Okay we started making fake progress bar generator 

My script is still very messy, you can fix it yourself. For the progress bar you can search here, many source progress bar in them. You can change the progress bar to your taste, such as following a few examples of the progress bar

how to create fake progress bar for online generator

Create progress bar jquery for fake generator

Create fake online generator with beatifull progress bar

You can try my simple progress bar for fake online generator here DEMO

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