Create Master Item / Product Form – Tutorial Build Point Of Sale With PHP, PDO, MySQL And Jquery Part 4.

How to create master item form at the point of sale PHP. Finally, we have come to part 4, This article will discuss how to create a master item page where the system can add, edit and delete items from the database. Let’s start the following tutorial.

To start this section, you should read the 3 previous articles in order to understand it. In Part 1 I discuss how to create a login form. Then in part 2, I discuss how to create a dynamic menu on adminLTE. In part 3, I created a master user form to give users access to each menu. Here’s the previous part URL address

Let’s begin the tutorial.

How To Create Master Item Page in Point Of Sale PHP

Tutorial How To Create Master Item Page

In this part 4 we will create four new files in the “sales” folder (pos/application/sales/): c_search_item.php, v_item.php, c_item.php and. j_item.js. Additionally, we will add a list of MYSQL queries to the master items (m_item table) in the pos.php file (pos/application/model/pos.php). Copy the following code in each PHP and javascript file.


c_search_item.php used to show item list in the index page dashboard. After create this module, check your dashboard or index page and then try search the item in the text box. If successful the result like the following image:

Dashboard Page Search Item


v_item.php used to create the master item page.


c_item is a master item backend. All of PHP function to manipulate data in master item placed in this file.


Add the following code to pos.php

Don’t forget to add new table m_item with table structure like the following image:

M Item Table

Add new store procedures in the database. Execute the script below to create saveItem store procedures

Until this part, We have created 5 tables and a MySQL store procedure.

Pos Database Structure Mysql

Please test in your browser and make sure the system works as shown below:

Master Item Page Tutorial Point Of Sale Php

Up to this point, the tutorial how to create master item page in point of sale php has been completed. The last step we will make the core of this application: making a sales system/simple point of sale in php and adminLTE. If there is any question please fill in the comment field at the end of the paragraph.

This complete point of sale project can be downloaded in part 5 of the article.

So my article about the Create Master Items/Product Page in point of sale with PHP and jquery.

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