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Quality content be an important factor in SEO. Google wants the article that was ranked first in their machine is an article that really wanted by readers. So the proverb that “content is king” is true. How that content can be competitive in search engine, whereas our opponents is a great website also apply the same way we would have done? Yes, with proper keyword research we can make sure our competitors are not much

How to create an interesting article

“What the article is interesting and unique in the eyes of Google?” The question often heard in many SEO forums. To make interesting articles we must first know the basic principles in the manufacture of articles which seo friendly.

1. Keyword in title

The initial step in writing articles is put the keywords in the title of article. Try to put the keywords in the front or the first word in title. Change your keyword into an interesting title to be read by your visitors

2. Keywords in URL

The second step that needs to be done is put the keywords in URL. For this you don’t have to worry, because most blog platforms, URL will adjust automatically with the title. But keep in mind, don’t create URL that too long

3. Keywords in meta description

Placing keywords in meta description can help increase CTR or click-through rate blog in search engine. Important! create unique meta description should / look excited, because meta description will be displayed on the search engine.

4. Keyword at the first paragraph

Number of keyword density isn’t important, but the keywords should appear at least on the first 100 words in the article. The earlier is more better. Keep in mind, don’t get too many keywords, will make your article difficult to read and unlook natural

5. The article should be long

Article length should be at least 600 words or more. Google likes long articles and reviews in detail.

6. The picture relevant and interesting

Make sure every article written, as much as possible has a relevant images. Do not forget to give ALT attribute in the image, and make sure the ALT attribute contains relevant keywords.

7. Create a relevant video from youtube

Not required, but if possible, attach the relevant video on the article, in order to give added value and post it on youtube, because will bring traffic from youtube too.

8. Internal link

Link to other relevant articles on the article, it is enough important because it helps search engines to navigate the content of your blog.

9. External link

Replacing the outgoing links is not something wrong in writing an interesting article. Make outbound links will not make your article unqualified. The procedure for making the correct outgoing link:

  • Replacing the outgoing links who relevant
  • Add the nofollow attribute
  • Use the site name only as anchor text
  • Put a link to your blog / website authority

Keyword research tools to be competitive in the search engines

Choosing the right keywords is an important role in writing article. The right keywords can increase your visitors. There are many ways to choose the right keywords and able to compete in the search engines.

What is the keyword research?

Keyword research is one part of the implementation strategy SEO or search engine optimization. Keyword research is essentially searching for keywords that are frequently typed by people in search engines according to the blog topic.

The types of keywords

It’s good to first understand some of the types of keywords for SEO, keyword has various types, among others :

A. Short tail keyword : Bootstrap,PHP,javascript,etc
B. Long tail keyword : learn php from basic, Best Samsung Android smartphone
C. All time keyword : how to cure toothache.
D. Seasonal keyword : gp match results cataluna 2014

By using two free tools from Ubersuggest and Google Adwords: Keyword Planner, you are able to search for keywords thats good. Ubersuggest can find keyword variations of the main keyword we targeted. The goal is to find long tail keywords that we will use.

1. Visit

As an example I will write an article about the bootstrap security

Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 1

Then clicksuggest and you will get a set of suggested keyword, select the keyword and clickselect all keywords” button get to get the whole keyword

Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 2

copy the entire keyword, then visit Google AdWords: keyword planner

2. Visit

Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 4

Click get search button, and download all keyword as cvs

Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 5
Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 7
Create Interesting Articles and Keywords Competitive 6

Please note that the data that displayed on Google Keywords Planner is not 100% accurate. If there is written the number of searches per month in 1000, it is no guarantee your blog will get 1000 visitors per month if it is in the first position of Google. Could more and can also be less.

Analyze the level of keyword competition

Equally important of course analyze the level of competition in the google search engine in accordance with the level of SEO capabilities that we have. For this one we can do it manually.

Data on the level of competition existing Google AdWords Keyword Planner is competition in the AdWords advertiser is not competition in the search engine Google.

To analyze the level of competition can take advantage of the browser extension is like SEOQuake or MozBar.

Some tips specify a keyword :

  • Don’t choose keywords that are dominated by a authority site, for example: Wikipedia
  • Don’t choose keywords that are dominated by site with pagerank above 5
  • Don’t choose keywords that are dominated by a web page authority and domain authority over 50 (use Extensi MozBar)

Thus my article Create Interesting Articles and keyword Research Tool, may be useful :), read my tutorial Get Competitors Backlinks and Increase Traffic to Website too.

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