Cool Right Click Menus Javascript With JustContext Plugin

If you are bored with standard web browsers default context menu, you can make a Right Click Menus Javascript itself using the justContext plugin. This lightweight plugin can create a special context menu using any HTML element on your site. Let’s discuss more.

What is Context Menu Browser?

According to Wikipedia  “Context menus (also called contextual menus, shortcuts, and popups or pop-ups) are menus in the graphical user interface (GUI) that appear during user interactions, such as right-click mouse operations.”

Context Menu Default Chrome Browser

Each browser has a default context menu when you right-click on the body. Most of them have the same options that are “undo“, “redo“, “copy“, “paste“, “print” as shown above. With the help of justContext.js library, we can create custom right click context menus easily.

justContext.js – Right Click Menus Javascript


Right Click Menus Javascript Using Justcontext

By using this library, Each page element can support its context menu. This means you can target individual items such as text, textbox, video player or body HTML with its context menu.

You can modify the style in the context menu. You can change the color, image, icon and even the dividing line to divide the menu into sections. The justContext plugin has two default themes: light and dark themes. Additionally, this theme can be customized using different google web fonts.

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justContext Library supported by chrome and firefox browser. But for those of you who use internet explorer can not enjoy this javascript right click menus. Maybe you can switch to a new Microsoft Edge browser even though I’ve never tried it most likely this library works correctly.

Cool Right Click Menus Javascript Using Justcontext Library

Another advantage of using this plugin is this simple javascript plugin, so you do not need jQuery to make this library work correctly.

To try the demo of this plugin, you can visit justContext.js demo page. All the documentation from this library, you can visit on justContext main repo on GitHub. Please remember, the plugin is 100% free to use.

Thus my article about Cool Right Click Menus Javascript With justContext Plugin, hope useful.

JustContext Right Click Menus Javascript Library Reviews
  • 90%
    Lightweight - 90%
  • 80%
    Easy In Use - 80%
  • 80%
    Design - 80%


JustContext library is very useful if you want to create a professional UX application or website. You can custom right click menus javascript according to your taste using all HTML elements

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