Connect Bootstrap Login Form and Mysql with PDO

bootstrap login form

Lately I playing around with the bootstrap framework. I will share how to create simple login form with bootstrap and connect it with mysql using PDO. Bootstrap has an elegant look. combined with ajax and jquery , will make your application run faster.

 Why we must use PDO to create connection with mysql ? 

PDO – PHP Data Objects – is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.

PDO stands for PHP Data Objects which is a database access layer in PHP version 5.xx. In addition to having fast performance, PDO also supports a wide range of RDBMS including MySQL, CUBRID, MS SQL Server, Firebird, IBM, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC and DB2, Postegre SQL, SQLite, and 4D. Just a reminder, to use PDO to connect to the database, you need to be a little familiar with OOP.

Requirement :

Download AdminLTE Bootstrap template here

 Lets begin tutorial

1. Create Login form as php file (login.php)

2. Create PDO class (pdo_db.php).

3. Create validation form (validation.php)

Thus tutorials Connect Bootstrap Login Form and MySQL with PDO, please read my other bootstrap tutorial here

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