Boost Social Media Traffic with OnePress Social Locker

What is OnePress Social Locker ?

Usually I just use the social button plugin (with no locker) from Shareaholic. But the results are less than the maximum. People are still reluctant to share. So I decided to install the “Onepress Social Locker” so that they are more aware.

onepress social locker to boost your traffic

According to the website , ” Social Locker is a WP plugin that locks your most valuable site content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. In other words, it asks people to “pay” with a Tweet, Like, Share or +1 if they want access to your content “.

 Force the people to share your articles using social locker 

In addition to creating a high enough viral marketing, social locker will also increase page autority good in the eyes of google.

You should allow people a reason the reason they need to simply click social links on your web site. Even though people enjoy your articles, web site or even fanpage, many people don’t click the links simply because they don’t bother about you, the gains or even the site visitors. It’s definitely not their trouble.

But ask visitors to “pay” with a Like/Tweet/+1 to help know more about your articles, to acquire a discount, to help download, to learn an stopping of the write-up, to watch some sort of online video media so they can view some sort of funny photo. Also it will start to are it should be!

4 Strong Reasons To Use Social Locker according by

  • While it is possible to get likes and shares through conventional methods, it is difficult because:
    Users are not motivated to like or share your content. 90% of technical and commercial websites currently don’t receive traffic from social networks!
  • While social buttons are present on most websites, they are in visitor’s “blind spot”, much like ads are. People ignore them reflexively.
  • Even when people like your content, they may forget to “like” or “share” your content. They may not be aware that it matters to you.
  • If your content is valuable for your audience, why not ask them to support you directly? It’s not hard to “like” your content, right?

 How does social locker plugin work 

boost traffic with social locker

Using this method, you should utilize content articles, videos, audio tracks, photos, get inbound links, coupon codes or anything you can think of for motivator for those to offer you wants or shares.

1. Drive Societal Targeted visitors: Social Locker will include methodically viral site visitors aimed at your site, ones opt-in channel or ones sales-page. Any time users talk about or twitter update ones site to help gain access to the information anyone based, their close friends see it and many of them visit your blog. In which repeats over and over.

2. Building Fans & Followers: Each blogger and net small business owner understands how complicated it truly is to have supporters and enthusiasts, specifically fresh sites using a low budget.

Acquire just about every customer of your respective web site to check out anyone. Keep hold of ones crowd and build devotion. Simply just lock some respected articles and notify site visitors that this based articles can be acquired only reserved for ones supporters and enthusiasts.

3. Increase SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Ranking: Google’s research protocol gets control 250 variables under consideration while deciding that brings about indicate for any research dilemma and inside what get. Web 2.0 is just about the biggest variables within their protocol and has a substantial impact about how an affiliate site rates high in a very research.


Use this plugin and boost your traffic from social media. Don`t be afraid to use onepress social locker because they will left your site just because need to share, but if your share file is usefull to them, they will click and share. You can see my demo onepress social locker here

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