Check It Now Before Joining, Is Your Niche’s Blog Eligible For Google Adsense Product?

Niche is a topic that plays an important role in success as a blogger. Also, the right selection of niche also affects your site is eligible for AdSense or not. Even the acquisition of income from Adsense is also determined by the proper selection of niche because not all blog topics will generate the same passive income from AdSense.

Some topics do not fit with the AdSense program. Before you join the AdSense program, you must make correction back and make sure whether the niche you write into the blog is accordance with Google Adsense TOS. Do the following tips, so you do not waste time and give up how to earn passive income.

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Some topics have a high click value, and some do not interest to advertisers. I am a beginner in AdSense program, but from some great blogs that I read some time ago, I summarize some of the niches you should avoid providing maximum results of your passive income.

Niche With Low Adsense income

Google Adsense Best Niche

A niche listing that has no potential when paired with Adsense programs

Political Niche

Political niche is seasonal. You will earn money during political competition or election. This niche competition level is also quite high, and most visitors prefer to visit big sites like CNN, BBC, FOXNEWS, etc.

In general, ads for this topic are tiny and little value, because there are no products sold to visitors.

Celebrities or Gossip Niche

It’s true this niche can bring in a lot of visitors because many fans want to know the news and gossip of her or his actresses. But almost no AdSense advertisers have the business related to celebrities. From the side of AdSense earnings, this niche is a small value.

To generate passive income from this niche, you must strive to increase your traffic as high as possible so that you will earn revenue from Adsense’s CPM.

Religion Niche

Rarely advertisers who advertise their religion through the AdSense program. Also, religious topics are always the pros and cons of many people. My advice if you focus on AdSense product, avoid this niche. Even in some countries, this niche causes legal problems.

Sports Niche

Almost similar to celebrity topics, low per-click values, and no high-value products related to sports moments. But it will be different if you have a niche of sports equipment. For example a tool for diet, an instrument to play golf. Look for a niche that has a high selling market.

Adult Niche

Google Adsense prohibits it

In addition to the selection of the above niche, there are often some things we do not realize that cause our blog doesn’t make eligible with Google AdSense program policies.

This needs to be considered if you are serious about implementing the Adsense program, so don’t wait for a warning report from Google, especially banned from Adsense.

Here are things that are not allowed by Google Adsense that you must understand

  • Selling imitation items. Avoid discussing and sharing information about replica items. Selling these replica items goes against the Adsense policy.
  • Gambling. I don’t need to explain this, Something related to crime is definitely violating the AdSense policy.
  • Weapons and ammunition. Selling weapons and accessories, Includes air gun, and firecracker sales.
  • Alcohol and liquor. That should not be selling and distributing liquor. Another case if you just review the taste and information about the liquor.
  • Cigarette and tobacco. Almost the same as alcohol and liquor.
  • Hacking / Cracking. Similar to gambling, this is certainly related to crime.
  • Adult content. Includes adult stories, pictures, sexual aids.
  • Drugs and equipment.
  • Racist and violent content.
  • Paid to surf / click / search. Be careful when giving information about PTC, this kind of program clearly violates Google Adsense policy.
  • Other illegal activities. Violence against children, pedophiles, including images, engineering videos depicting violence and deviant behavior toward children.
  • Excessive and irrelevant use of keywords. Important to understand, excessive use of keywords can interfere with the performance of Google search engine. Google highly dislikes this. In addition to Google, the article becomes unattractive to read. Read : Optimize Blog To Make Adsense Ads More Relevant With Your Content

More can be read on Adsense support page. Hopefully, after reading this article, understand and apply it, your passive income can be increased.

Thus my article about the blog niche that eligible for Google Adsense Product.

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