Azoncast Theme, Create Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme for Beginners

For the owners of amazon affiliate site, it definitely needs a theme that can support the efficient and effective performance of the site. By creating autopilot amazon store will allow us to display Amazon products with little steps. I will share how to create a wordpress theme for autopilot amazon for beginners (for experts might be able to follow or try it as well).azoncast wordpress theme for amazon affiliate

 What it azoncast theme? 

Azoncast wordpress theme is specifically for amazon affiliate sites. This is my first amazon theme. I made this theme because of the efficiency and effectiveness in raising the amazon site. With azoncast theme, we are permitted to grabbing content directly from the amazon site using the API. There are no copyright issues Because The product details comes Directly from the official Amazon API, the which means it can be republished.

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 What are the advantages of azoncast theme ? 

Before I discuss the advantages of azoncast theme, it is better you see the video footage “Demo azoncast theme ( autopost amazon wordpress theme) and get full script

Azoncast theme is my commercial wordpress theme, but besides commercialized i also provide a full script for free for a method of learning.

Why I commercialized? because I made this theme with spend a lot of time, thoughts and energy. And also I need the income for the survival of this site. Build this theme is not easy and I also want to share with you, so that we can enjoy the results.

Azoncast wordpress theme feature :

  • Auto spin text in the first paragraph and the last.
  • There will be no duplicate ASIN
  • Bulkpost with schedule
  • Product post widget with image
  • Responsive theme

The advantage of buying azoncast wordpress theme

  • You can create unlimited amazon store with this theme and lifetime license
  • I give you full script of this theme, you can modify this theme as you wish


  • You must have domain and hosting for CMS wordpress
  • You must have amazon public key and private key
  • Support for ,,,,,

What price azoncast theme ?

Only the $8  you get all the features, the full script, and lifetime license.

 Purchase Agreement Note : 
* You may only use for yourself.
* Not to be resale please



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  1. Hi, The price shown is $8 but paypal asking $15….

  2. Hi, What eCommerce tool does this use?
    Woo? Does Amazon work as well with anything else?
    Source and Woo Query:

  3. Hello, It works for

  4. Hi Sigit
    Please check your money and send theme for me , thanks

  5. I want show idian product but it desnt work only showing dollers

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