Azoncast Plugin The Best Auto Amazon WordPress Article, PROVEN!!!

If you need a plugin to create Amazon content en masse and automatically, the azoncast plugin is the right answer. The success of azoncast v2 theme makes us want to sell azoncast plugin separately. Azoncast v2 theme has sold over 500 times, I guarantee azoncast plugin is more powerful than its predecessor.

Azoncast plugin is exactly the same as the plugin that has been packaged on the azoncast v2 theme. Some improvements we have done and great again, on the azoncast plugin you can create spin paragraph itself according to your language and needs. What is a spin article? read here, you must understand. The point is, using spin paragraph will avoid duplicate content in the article created.

Azoncast Plugin Best Auto Amazon WordPress Tools For Amazon Site Min

Azoncast plugin has support amazon from several countries such as Japan, India, .com, Spain, French, Italy and many more. You only need the ASIN Amazon code and in an instant, your article will be automatically created either post directly or scheduled.

How to get ASIN code in bulk? Relax, I provide additional plugins for free ie amazon ASIN grabber. This plugin is actually you can download for free, but I’ve never provided updates again on the official site WordPress plugin. But Amazon ASIN grabber which I will give this is the latest update, of course, more powerful.

Check out the following video, how do I create an Amazon site using azoncast plugin below 5 minutes with 8 articles

Easy ??? Yes of course very easy.

What are the advantages of Amazon plugin

  • Auto spins text in the first paragraph, middle and the last.
  • You can edit spins text manually from menu setting.
  • Bulk post with the schedule.
  • Support 7 Amazon Country (,,,,,, and Amazon it).
  • Responsize layout.
  • Fast Loading.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Prevent from duplicate ASIN code/product
  • Lightbox v2.10.0

The advantage of buying Azoncast Plugin :

You can create unlimited amazon store with this plugin and lifetime license.

Azoncast V2 Requirements (Please note well !!)

– You must have a domain and a hosting for CMS WordPress.
– You must have Amazon Access key and secret key.
– Your hosting must support simplexml_load_file.

You have seen people paid 47-97$ for just one Amazon WordPress plugins. The point is, we’re offering an excellent Azoncast Plugin that can help you to build your own Amazon Retail outlet and commence to making money online.

Proven!!! has sold over 500 times the azoncast v2 theme I’ve sold before

How much price you need ??

You can bring home this azoncast plugin for $20 and by adding $10 to $30 you get the legend theme azoncast v2 for free.

Please order here

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