Adsense CTR Too High or Low ? What Is Affecting And How Is The Solution

CTR is too high or low often make Adsense bloggers get panic. In the world of PPC, CTR is needed by the advertising company to determine whether the information/advertisements displayed on the publisher’s blog have reached the target. I will discuss what effect and how the solution of CTR is too high or low.

CTR is the Click Through Rate, which is the ratio between how much an ad unit is displayed and how many ads were clicked by a visitor, the value expressed in percent. Here’s the formula:

Adsense CTR Formula How To Resolved High CTR Adsense

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Critical Factors That Affect Adsense CTR

I often find questions about CTR Adsense like: “How much is an ideal CTR for a blog?“. The question has an uncertain answer. It all depends on what the niche you are running. Many factors affect the value of CTR.

Website traffic source.

Traffic comes from search engines will get a larger portion of clicks. Why is that? Logically, those who seek information through search engines are usually hungry for the information they are looking. So when visitors open your website to search for information and see the ads they are looking for by their expectations, then the visitor interested to see the promo given ads.

Design and ad placement.

Design and ad placement affect the value of CTR. Also, the selection of website themes that also determine the amount of CTR and the potential clicks of ads. According to some SEO experts from Indonesia, they use a WordPress theme called superfast created by kentooz, and generate a good CTR and click value.

Holidays And Special Moments.

Some big days that affect Adsense CTR include Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Idul Fitri, Christmas and New Year. At that moment many advertisers are promoting their products and visitors who are looking for gifts to celebrate their big day. However, this factor is also influenced by the blog niche and relevance of the ads to the content of the blog.

The Relevancy of Ads With Content.

When your blog is about car insurance, and the ads that appear are about insurance companies. Then the possibility of visitors to click ads will be greater. The result is your passive income will increase. So try to improve the relevance of Adsense ads.

Niche web determine the CTR.

As I have discussed in the article “Check It Now Before Joining, Is Your Blog Is Eligible For Google Adsense Product?“. The selection of the right niche determines your CTR value. For example, if your blog is about politics, your CTR score will be very low. Contrary to blogs with product topics always have a high CTR.

Faithful with Adsense.

This last factor is a thought of my own. If you join some advertising companies other than Adsense, then the value of clicks on AdSense ads to be reduced. Join many advertising companies causes your CTR value to drop. Otherwise, it may cause in violation of Google AdSense policies.

The six factors above must be understood, Adsense will be a source of money if you can implement correctly.

I think the typical CTR value for AdSense is 2% – 5%.

Is High CTR Adsense = Banned?

I don’t think so, and high CTR will not cause your AdSense account banned by Google. As long as you are honest and obey TOS from Google, I make sure Google will be happy with your blog. So please read the procedure of ad placement recommended by Google at suppport google official. The logic is CTR Large = targeted ads, advertisers happy and Google earns huge profits.

Then how is the solution if our CTR value is little?

Some tips to overcome the lower CTR below will not be effective if your blog has a niche that isn’t liked by Google Adsense. Read the article “Check It Now Before Joining, Is Your Blog Is Eligible For Google Adsense Product?“, Is your niche belongs to the category favored by Adsense? If not, you do not need to continue reading this article, Because the following solutions will not work properly.

How to improve Google AdSense CTR

  • Use a simple theme. Try to use blog themes that have a simple layout. If your blog theme is too heavy and not supported by good hosting, then AdSense ads may not perform well. Check here: best wodpress theme to Adsense.
    Simple blog appearance will make the ads appear more prominent and convince visitors to click.
  • Do not install too many widgets. Widgets that are too many will burden the theme of your blog. Uninstall less important widgets. Think business; widgets used for selling not for style.
  • Use responsive design. In the Android era, responsive themes have a huge effect. So a responsive blog design is a liability. Google AdSense has provided Responsive type ads.
  • Place ads in the right places. Even if you have chosen the right ad size but if the ad placement is wrong then certainly will not be effective.
    • Under the post title size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280.
    • In the middle of the post with Responsive size, 300 × 250 or 336 × 280.
    • Below post with size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280.
    • In sidebar using size 300 × 600, 300 × 250, or 160 × 600.
    • In header using 728×90
  • Use a combination of image type ads, text, and link units

Google AdSense provides three types of ads, namely image ads, text and link units. Use all three combinations to make your ads appear more varied.

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