A Quick Way to Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share quick way to secure your wordpress from hotlinking images tutorial. Hotlinking images have a bad effect on your site, because of hotlinking images can increase server load, using your server bandwidth and many losses . Before getting to know more plugins that can help us to prevent hotlinking images on wordpress, I will explain in advance on the understanding hotlinking.

What is a hotlinking ?

Hotlinking is use image links directly from one site to the other site pages without permission from the owner of the image / website owner. hotlinking example looks like this:

If you are having a bad thing as I described above on your site, this time is the right time to protect the images on your site from the Hotlinkers.

Actually, to prevent hotlinking images can be performed by writing the command in a .htaccess file or enable hotlink protection in cPanel

How to prevent hotlinking image using .htaccess

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER} ^ http: // (.. + \) domain-name \ .com / [NC, OR]
RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER} ^ http: // (.. + \) Blogspot \ .com / [NC, OR]
RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER} ^ http: // (.. + \) WordPress \ .com / [NC]
RewriteRule * \.. (JPE g |? Gif | bmp | png) $ http://goo.gl/PXZs77 [L]

note : change domain-name with the hotlinkers domain name

Prevent hotlinking images from cpanel

1. Open your CPanel -> security -> hotlink protection

A Quick Way To Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images

2. On hotlink protection page , you need to enable hotlink protection button because by default is disabled.

A Quick Way To Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images Cpanel

In the URLs to allow access to enter the website of yours and all subdomains (including the mobile site if any) and other websites that are allowed to access your image as CDN if you use their services, various search engines (google, yahoo, ask, etc.) and another websites who has made prior arrangements.

But I suggest a more efficient and better way if you use wordpress. You simply use a BYREV WP-PicShield plugin created by Emilian Robert Vicol.

WP-PicShield is Images Hotlink Protection for Your WordPress Websites; Anti-Hotlinking images/photos – Extensive Plugin for Watermark Pictures and images links redire

The advantages using this plugin is increase your traffic site from image hotlinking . This technique is also one of seo techniques in preventing content theft and improve the website visitor. WP-Picshield plugin will ensure visitors to come to your website to see your images

Here’s a picture using the WP-PicShield plugin

A Quick Way to Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images - Wp Picshield Display

For more details some of WP-PicShield plugin features please read on the official site wp-picshield download

The best wp-picshield plugin settings is as follows

A Quick Way To Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images Wp Picshield Best Setting

In addition to using the WP-PicShield as anti-hotlinking plugin, I also discuss another tutorial to protect your image at How to Automatically Add Watermark Images In WordPress .

Thus tutorial about A Quick Way to Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images , hope useful

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