3 Best Scripting Editor For Linux Programmer

If you have switched from Windows operating system to Linux, you deserve to be called an expert. Linux is the most popular operating system by web programmers especially Ubuntu distro, Even ubuntu set up a special operating system intended by the programmer with various pre-install tools that have been provided. If you want to switch to Linux, the following scripting editor is best and is used by professional programmers

In this article, I only include 3 best text editor options. Because if too much, make you confused which one you need to use.

3 best text editor for novice Linux programmer

1. Sublime text

Sublime Text Best Text Editor For Linux Programmer Min

Who does not know sublime text? Users of windows and Linux almost all use sublime text. A text editor by Jon Skinner and Will Bond is most often used by professional programmers. In addition to lightweight, the ease of installing additional plugins makes sublime text popular with developers.

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In a poll conducted by the Fossbytes site. Sublime text followed by Atom and Vim is a text editor that is a favorite of its users.

The sublime text editor is built with full features intended for “code, markup, and prose“. Receive support natively with tons of programming languages ​​and markup languages. Using plugins, Sublime comes with a free-software license, one can extend the functionality of this text editor. “Goto Anything” is a popular feature of the sublime text editor that lets you quickly navigate to files, lines or symbols. Other key features of this sublime text editor include command palette, Python-based API plugin, simultaneous editing, project-specific preferences, and more.

2. Atom.

Atom Best Text Scripting For Web Developers On Linux Ubuntu Min

I use atom to create a REST API application using the laravel framework. Atom is an open source and free text editor developed by GitHub.

Based on Electron (CoffeeScript, JS, Less, HTML), Atom is a desktop application built using web technology. Often referred to as 21st-century text editors, Atom is a modern text editor that can be configured to the core.

The main features of the atom are cross-platform editing, built-in package manager, file system browser, multiple pane support, find and replace function, and smart autocompletion.

There are some drawbacks of atoms I do not like that the atoms are a bit heavy if used using a computer with limited capacity (small RAM, Unsupported Processors)

Broadly speaking, Atom one of the best text editor in the world.

3. Visual Code Studio

Visual Studio Code Editing For Javascript Programmer In Linux Ubuntu Min

This one editor I use for javascript programming especially is Angular 5. The paid project I’m working on is required to use angular 5. Why is visual studio code? because this tool fully supports javascript programming and ts script. This one tool is the work of Microsoft that is based on open source.

Microsoft realized that not all programmers use a paid operating system, Microsoft decided to release Visual Studio Code for two other operating systems that are not less popular OS X than Apple and Linux.

The main target of this editor is the web developers who develop web applications using ASP.NET and Node.js. In addition, Node.js VSCode also supports similar technologies such as HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, and JSON.

Like most editors, VSCode features syntax coloring and bracket matching. To this day the programming languages ​​that support these features are Batch, C ++, Closure, Coffee Script, DockerFile, F #, Go, Jade, Java, HandleBars, This, Lua, Makefile, Markdown, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Python , R, Razor, Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic, and XML.

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Thus 3 best text scripting editor for web developer in linux, hope useful 🙂

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