22+ Coolest Free Jquery Plugin For Premium Theme

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share free jquery plugin usually used by premium theme. JQuery has made web design faster, Easier and more accessible, 22+ free jquery plugin is very cool when installed on your site. Most template websites sold in wrapbootstrap and Themeforest also use them.

For the uninitiated, JQuery is a JavaScript library that is quick and concise which could simplify the document traversing, AJAX interactions, event handling, animation for rapid web development.

Jquery simplifies the use of javascript, because we simply use the functions of the existing javascript library. Including accelerating the coding javascript in a website. Websites built with jquery will be more interactive and engaging.

Here are 22+ Coolest Free Jquery Plugin For Premium Theme

1. Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel Free Jquery Plugin For Premium Theme
Owl Carousel is jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful and coolest responsive carousel slider. Owl Carousel is easy to use, it’s also free for commercial use. Owl Carousel typically used to display a featured post slider.

2. Smooth Scroll

Smooth Scroll Free Jquery Plugin Make Your Scroll Soft

Smooth Scroll is lightweight script to animate scrolling to anchor links. Your website will look more elegant when using this plugin. Smooth scroll support for all browsers and devices

3. WOW

Download Free Jquery Plugin WOW Reveal Animations When You Scroll

WOW is Reveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page. By default, you can use it to trigger animate.css animations. But you can easily change the settings to your favorite animation library. The must be used plugin to your site

4. Skrollr

Amazing Free Jquery Plugin Skrollr For Parallax Site

Skrollr is stand-alone parallax scrolling javaScript library for mobile (Android, iOS, etc.) and desktop in about 12k minified. Using skrollr will make visitors feel at home.

5. FlexSlider 2

Beautifully Slider With FlexSlider 2 Best Free Jquery Plugin

FlexSlider 2 is the best responsive slider. Support for websites that use the bootstrap framework.

6. BackgroundCheck

BackgroundCheck Is Free Jquery Plugin That Can Help Us To Automatically Switch To A Darker Or A Lighter Color

Automatically switch to a darker or a lighter version of an element depending on the brightness of images behind it. This plugin is suitable for transparent navigation menu

7. Colorbox

Colorbox Is Free Jquery Plugin That Use For Show Image From Lightbox

A lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. This plugin is used to display images in a modal dialog

8. Masonry

Masonry Is Free Jquery Plugin That Used For Placing Elements In Optimal Position Based In Grid Mode

Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You’ve probably seen it in use all over the Internet.

9. imagesLoaded

Imageloaded Is Free Jquery Plugin For Load Image With Display Effect

JavaScript is all like “You images done yet or what?”. Detect when images have been loaded. This plugin will create animation effects while waiting for the image to appear

10. jPushMenu

Jpushmenu Is Free Jquery Plugin For Showing Menu Navigation Bar
A jQuery version of Slide and Push Menus by Mary Lou. This plugin is almost like my Simple Sidebar menu with Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome

11. Tooltip

Tooltip Formstone Is Free Jquery Plugin To Show Tooltip Bar

A jQuery plugin for simple tooltips. This plugin is great and look awesome for your site. Tooltip is lightweight plugin

12. Superslides

Superslides Is Free Jquery Plugin To Show Full Screen Slider

Superslides is a full screen slider with awesome look

13. jquery.mb.YTPlayer

Mb.YTPlayer Is Free Jquery Plugin To Show Youtube Video As Background

JQuery component to use a youtube video as background for your site.

14. Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup Is Free Responsive Jquery Plugin Like Lightbox

Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device.

15. Super Simple Text Rotator.

JQuery Super Easy Text Rotator To Switching Text Rapidly

A light weight jQuery plugin that will allow you to add a super simple rotating text to your website with little to no markup Created by Pete R., Founder of BucketListly

16. Isotope

Isotope Is Free Jquery Plugin To Filter And Showing Element With Effect

Filter & sort magical layouts. This plugin can filter and sort the html element with visual effect and animation

17. Packery


Packery is a JavaScript layout library that uses a bin-packing algorithm. This is a fancy way of saying “it fills empty gaps.” Packery layouts can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around.

18. Vegas

Vegas Background Is Amazing Free Jquery Plugin To Change Background Site Like Slider

Vegas is a jQuery/Zepto plugin to add beautiful backgrounds and Slideshows to DOM elements. With vegas plugin we can change our background like slider.

19. jQuery Face Detection

Jquery Face Detection Is Smart Free Jquery Plugin

A jQuery/Zepto plugin to detect faces on images, videos and canvases to get theirs coordinates.

20. jQuery One Page Nav

JQuery One Page Nav Is Smooth Scroll Bar When Clicking On The Navigation

A lightweight jQuery plugin for the navigation on one-page sites. Adds smooth scrolling when clicking on the navigation and automatically selects the correct navigation items as you are scrolling through the different sections.

21. Waypoints

IWaypoints Is Free Infinite Jquery Plugin

Waypoints is a library that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element.


Backstretch Is Background Site Slide Show With Jquery Plugin

A simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element

Thus 22+ coolest free jquery plugin for premium theme, hope useful 🙂

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