[SOLVED] EPSON L3110 Imagescan Ubuntu Can’t Save The Image Or Lost After Being Saved

Epson L3110 Ubuntu Driver Min

Have you ever experienced a failure to scan images on Epson using Imagescan software? The picture lost after being saved. I experienced it a while ago that my Imagescan could not run properly on Ubuntu 16.04. After surfing the internet, I finally found a solution to fix Imagescan that could not save the scan results. […]

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Easy Ways to Get Extra Money from the Internet for Beginners

How To Get Extra Money From Internet For Begginers Min

Tips get money from the Internet for beginners. The world has changed; almost 80% of human activities aren’t spared from information technology, especially the internet. What’s more, electronic devices such as mobile phones are not as expensive as before, and internet speed is also overgrowing. This is an opportunity for us to compete to get […]

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Tutorial Create First And Last Day Of The Current Month Javascript

How To Get First Dayand The Last Day Of Current Month Javascript Min

An easy way to display the first day and the last day of the current month using javascript. The date is an important component of an application. Usually, information system applications require dates to carry out business processes. Moreover, to display a reporting period, it requires an input date. Usually, programmers provide the first day […]

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