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Easily Download and Install Pokemon Go on Android in Unregistered Country

Easily Download And Install Pokemon Go On Android In Unregistered Country

Who does not know a Pokemon? A Japanese animation boom in early 2000, which means is pocket monsters. Other than the gameplay with an exciting battle, funny monsters like Pikachu is out of the Poké Ball successfully captivate children and adults. the no wonder if Pokemon games popping up in Android. Among the many games […]

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Tutorial How to Create Download File From Url On Ionic Framework

Easy Way Create Download File Button With Ionic Framework

Seegatesite.com – An easy way to create a button download files from url using ionic framework. Continuing my previous tutorial How to Create Android Image Gallery with Ionic Framework and Web Services, if we want to create wallpaper application on the mobile app then it should add features download button. ngCordova has provided plugin to […]

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How to Create Android Image Gallery with Ionic Framework and Web Services

How To Create Android Image Gallery With Ionic Framework And Web Services

Seegatesite.com – create image gallery app on android using ionic php framework and web services. After introduction and installation of ionic framework, I want to continue the ionic framework tutorial, which create the image gallery application . Previously I’ve discussed how to create image galleries using android studio. Using ionic framework is much easier and faster. […]

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Ionic Framework – Introduction and Installation Tutorial on Windows and Ubuntu

Ionic Framework Introduction And Installation Tutorial On Windows And Ubuntu

Seegatesite.com – Introduction and installation ionic framework on windows and ubuntu. Previously I had a lot to discuss creating android apps using android studio, but many obstacles that I have experienced since I was a beginner java programming. To create a quality application, I need a fundamental understanding of java programming. Okay, forget for a moment […]

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Android Tutorial – Switch Between Activity With Android Button Click For Beginner

Switch Between Activity Tutorial Android For Begginer

Seegatesite – continued on introduction android programming tutorial that I have discussed in previous articles, this time I will share android programming tutorial on how the button to switch between activity to another activity. In developing Android App we may be facing a situation where we need to move between the Activity (Screen) to another […]

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[ Problems Solved ] – Fixed ADB Not Responding On Android Studio Or Eclipse

ADB Not Responding. If You D Like To Retry, Then Please Manually Kill Adb And Click Restart Seegatesite

Seegatesite – how to solve ADB not responding on android studio or Eclipse. This solution can work well on ADB issues I faced. This solution I got from askubuntu.com . Hopefully the collection of the following solutions can help you to solve the problem of ADB not responding to the android studio and eclipse. The cause […]

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Android Tutorial for Beginners – Create Simple Calculator

Learning Android Simple Calculator Project

Seagatesite – I’ll share about android tutorial on Android Tutorial for Beginners – Create Simple Calculator. Continuing my previous article about the Introduction Android Studio for Beginners, as a warm up we learn to understand the android programming ranging from the simplest applications first. I will create a simple calculator as a tutorial for beginners […]

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Introduction Android Studio for Beginners

Introduction Android Studio For Begginer

Seegatesite will share the Introduction Android Studio for Beginners. As a fellow beginner android programmer, is a good idea that I share what the android studio is? Android Studio is an IDE for Google Android Development that introduced at the I/O 2013. What is the difference between Android Studio with Eclipse? The Android Studio uses […]

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