Top 5 Smartphone With The Best Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Top 5 Smartphone With The Best Camera

Seegatesite – Here is the list of top 5 smartphone with the best camera that you can buy. Smartphone has developed from a communication device into the multifunctional one. Most modern smartphone features the camera. Moreover, users are able to capture the best photo or record precious moment with their smartphone. The smartphone on the […]

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The Best Samsung Smartphone List 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 The Best Samsung Smartphone List 2016 – The Best Samsung Smartphone List 2016. Smartphone is not only used to make a call to other person anymore, but also for doing many task required from smartphone such as downloading software application, recording video, and editing photographs. Samsung smartphone list below can be used as recommendation for choosing the best product of […]

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How to Install WordPress to the Host for Beginners

Enter Your Database Connection Details – how to install wordpress for beginners. Free service of website creation is always interesting. It is something that represented by WordPress. This is a powerful CMS website creation partner. You can use the standard or professional tools. One of the professional one is the way of how to install WordPress with the other […]

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How to Use WordPress Basic Guides

Registration How To Use Wordpress Basic Guides For Beginners – How to use wordpress basic guides. Since WordPress becomes one of the most powerful website creators, everyone is capable to make professional website with ease. WordPress comes with user friendly features that give you the opportunity to spend short time website making with long term results. However, the steps of how to use […]

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Please Attention! Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Does Not Support PHP5

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Does Not Support Php5 – If you use mysql_connect command at your PHP application, in advance you should delay your desire to upgrade your Ubuntu OS to 16.04 xenial xerus. It happened to me when upgrading my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS, what happened? Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will upgrade php version 5 to newest php version, php7. PHP7 […]

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