Easily Download and Install Pokemon Go on Android in Unregistered Country

Easily Download And Install Pokemon Go On Android In Unregistered Country

Who does not know a Pokemon? A Japanese animation boom in early 2000, which means is pocket monsters. Other than the gameplay with an exciting battle, funny monsters like Pikachu is out of the Poké Ball successfully captivate children and adults. the no wonder if Pokemon games popping up in Android. Among the many games […]

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How to Easily Transfers a Bootstrap Menu in WordPress Theme Part 2

Responsive Navbar Menu Bootstrap Transfer To Wordpress Menu

Starting from visitor’s comment that asked about the wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php does not support with the latest jquery version, I will share new tutorial how to create a bootstrap menu on WordPress theme without navwalker library. For the last article please read how to create WordPress theme with bootstrap and underscores step by step. Okay, let’s begin […]

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How To And The Importance of Regenerate Thumbnails In WordPress For SEO

Resize Image Manually

How to automatically smoothed thumbnail images in WordPress – often we underestimate thumbnail images regardless of the image size and beauty. Almost all WordPress themes have features images, often look untidy or does not comply with the standard thumbnail images presented by WordPress theme that is being used. This often happens on a blogger who […]

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