Imacros Script to Remove Urls From Google Webmaster Tools

How to remove urls from google webmaster tools with imacros. May of you have experienced page not found error in google webmaster tools because of Google can’t crawl the URL. The only way to remove the url from google index by means manually remove url. But what if the page not found error message you reach thousands of links?

how to remove urls with imacros script

Using imacros to remove urls page not found error from google is one easy way we can do it.

From this article i will share how to use imacros to remove urls from google index in google webmaster tools. Lets begin!

1. Sign in to your google webmaster tools here .
2. Open menu crawl errors like image below
how to remove urls from google webmaster tools fast with imacros
3. Click download and select google docs then choose OK button
remove urls page not found with imacros

4. After google docs is showing, copy the url links to your notepad
script imacros to remove urls page not found from google webmasters

Copy to notepad and don’t forget to save your permalink url with  UTF-8 encoding , (in my example, i choose drive C to save my txt file with name deletesitemap.txt)
imacros script to remove page not found url in easy way

5. Copy this imacros script

<p style="text-align: justify;">VERSION BUILD=8920312 RECORDER=FX
SET !DATASOURCE C:\deletesitemap.txt
TAG POS=2 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT:Create<SP>a<SP>new<SP>removal<SP>request
TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:BUTTON FORM=ID:newremovalform ATTR=NAME:urlt.submitButton
TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=ID:the-form ATTR=ID:submit-button
<p style="text-align: justify;">

Change with your site name

6. Set max loop and play it

script imacros set loop for remove urls from google webmaster tools

Very easy right. That’s the way I use to remove urls page not found from google webmaster tools with iMacros, if any questions please ask via comments below.

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