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How To Optimize SEO For WordPress Site For Begginer

How To Optimize SEO For Wordpress Site For Begginer

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share an article about how to optimize seo for wordpress site for Begginer. In the internet world, implementation of SEO on the website are constantly changing. But there are some basic that have been applied by experts to optimize SEO on the website which I discuss in this article, especially to […]

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How to Prevent Redirecting From to Country-Specific Domains

How to Prevent Redirecting From Blogspot

Programming Tutorial – How to Prevent Redirecting From to Country-Specific Domains. Seegatesite will share a tutorial specifically for the blogger user (blogspot) that redirects the subdomain to specific country subdomains. Actually this tutorial are old and many have shared in other sites, but there is no harm if the current share here because […]

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Tutorial Combine Contact Form 7, WP SMTP MAIL and Google Recaptcha at WordPress

programming tutorial - how to combine contact form 7 - wp mail smtp - google recaptcha at wordpress

Programming tutorials – in this article i will share about how to combine the Contact Form 7, WP MAIL SMTP and Google Recaptcha at WordPress. Many websites that discuss about smtp email with contact form 7, But i will discuss the full tutorial that all three plugins can be run properly. What is contact form […]

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Boost Social Media Traffic with OnePress Social Locker

onepress social locker to boost your traffic

What is OnePress Social Locker ? Usually I just use the social button plugin (with no locker) from Shareaholic. But the results are less than the maximum. People are still reluctant to share. So I decided to install the “Onepress Social Locker” so that they are more aware. According to the website , ” […]

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