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How To Create QR CODE Image After Published New Article WordPress

Result How To Create QR CODE Image After Published New Article Wordpress

Answering a question from one of my blog visitors , Asheesh. He asked, how to create a QR code image after doing a published content WordPress. I have tried to make the code in WordPress themes. Hopefully, can solve the problem. With a WordPress action hook, namely publish_post, after doing publish a new article, WordPress […]

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How To And The Importance of Regenerate Thumbnails In WordPress For SEO

Resize Image Manually

How to automatically smoothed thumbnail images in WordPress – often we underestimate thumbnail images regardless of the image size and beauty. Almost all WordPress themes have features images, often look untidy or does not comply with the standard thumbnail images presented by WordPress theme that is being used. This often happens on a blogger who […]

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How To Create Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails On WordPress

How To Create Widget Recent Post Thumbnail WordPress

Seegatesite – Widgets with thumbnails are useful to beautify the look of the website. Most of free WordPress theme doesn’t support recent posts widget with thumbnails. Creating a post thumbnail widget is very easy, with a few steps you can already use the recent post with thumbnail on your own. Recent posts widget used to […]

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How to Create Jquery Plugin for Input Currency

How To Create Jquery Plugin For Input Currency Easy – Jquery has become a major requirement for web developers. Jquery provide thousands of plugins that can be implemented on our website more attractive and dynamic. Jquery itself has the task to manipulate the DOM and traditional Javascript which fairly complex to be more concise. In this article I will provide a tutorial how […]

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How to Install Cool Features Voice Search On WordPress

Plugin Voice Search On Wordress – development of technology to bring convenience to everyone, a lot of development are deliberately created so that all of them can be used in a more practical, as well as smart devices that can perform a search simply by using voice on smartphones such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana. In this mobilegeddon era, […]

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Important role and how to install google custom search on SEO website

Google Custom Search Result

Seegatesite – I’ll share the article about important role and how to install google custom search SEO on websites. If you’ve visited a few sites and see there is a search feature to read Google Custom Search, and you want to have the search feature is to be installed on your WordPress site, so in […]

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