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Subuntu : Free Responsive WordPress Theme With Bootstrap

programming tutorial - subuntu free responsive wordpress theme

Subuntu Free Responsive WordPress Theme. Subuntu is free responsive wordpress theme with ubuntu style. This is my first bootstrap theme that I developed. I try to add the ubuntu style on the theme, because I love the Ubuntu OS 🙂 For those who are interested can look at some of the features and the download link below : […]

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Customize WordPress Comment Form with Bootstrap

Customize Wordpress Comment Form with Bootstrap

Continuing my article on “Create a WordPress Theme with Bootstrap And underscores Step by Step“, I forgot to added how to change template on the wordpress comment form. In order to wordpress comment form can be adapted with bootstrap framework, it needed a wordpress function called ” comment_form() “. Using comment_form() function is quite easy […]

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Create WordPress Theme with Bootstrap And Underscores Step by Step

how to build bootstrap wordpress theme with underscores

Continuing my article on “How to create a wordpress theme” , I will share about how to create  wordpress theme with bootstrap framework step by step. To accelerate building wordpress theme, I use starter theme from to accelerate building theme. With wordPress starter theme, The theme can work well with minimal of html and […]

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Easy Way Create Transparent Background Color Navbar Bootstrap 3

Easy way create tranparent background color navbar bootstrap by

In this post I will share about how to create a transparent background color navbar bootstrap. My way is probably quite stupid, but for a beginner like me very useful. Make the background color transparent on bootstrap navbar can create an elegant and beautify the appearance of your website. Navbar on bootstrap is usually used […]

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Seegate bootstrap , Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme Part 2

free e-commerce bootstrap theme - Seegate-bootstrap Demo theme

I will continue my tutorial how to create simple free e-commerce bootstrap theme. If my previous article about creating the main page of site with title “Seegate-bootstrap , Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme Part 1“. This second article I will create the product page. Product page contains the details of the product you offer. In Google’s […]

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Seegate-bootstrap , Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme Part 1

seegate-bootstrap e-commerce bootstrap theme preview 2

What are you searching for ? Free e-commerce bootstrap theme ? In this article, I will share e-commerce theme using bootstrap framework. This e-commerce bootstrap theme has not been completed fully. But you can try it to your site. You can develop this template according to your taste. Theses web templates can be implemented for almost […]

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